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The Great Head that forms the island of Yebba Dim Day.

The Island of Yebba Dim Day is one of the Islands of Abarat, and lies at eight o' clock in the evening. The island is known as the informal capital of the Abarat.

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The island is fashioned in the shaped of a giant humanoid head and shoulders, which are the likeness of one of the Islan's past owners, Gorki Doodat. There are a labyrinth of tunnels inside 'The Great Head' and only extremely rich individuals can afford to live on the towers atop it. Most of the bureaucratic work of the Inner islands is carried out from the towers atop The Great Head.

Most of the population live in shanty towns built wherever there is space.





  • Samuel Hastrim Klepp
  • Nazre
  • Izarith
  • Ruthus
  • Officer Branx
  • Squiller
  • Squib