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Noncian Flora and Fauna

The Nonce is one of the Islands of Abarat and lies at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

In the books

Role in the Abarat

The Belbelo crew heads to the Nonce in search of Finnegan Hobb.

Role in Abarat: Days of Magic: Nights of War

The Belbelo crew find Finnegan fighting a dragon, and convinces the man to join them in trying to save Candy.

Role in Abarat: Absolute Midnight

Finnegan Hobb is summoned by to the Nonce by Deetha Maas, and reunited with Boa here.


The Nonce is a hilly, tropical island which can be described as quite beautiful and nearly dream-like.

The ruins of the Palace of Bowers are found here, with Dragon Road, the skeleton of the dragon that killed Princess Boa.

The Dragon Ossuary is kept by Deetha Maas, and is a cathedral-like resting place for dragon remains. It is 3 to 4 times the size of Commexo City, and lit by a phosphorescent fungus.


In the Abaratian mythology, it's described as the place where life on the archipelago began. The torrential rainfall spurs new life to form and develop on the island at such a rapid pace that life is hard to define compared to the rest of the islands in the Abarat. Also tribes like the Fathathai and Kadosh are known to inhabit the island along with Dragons. Monsoons are a common occurrence, spurring on fresh growth on the island.

The Kadosh tribe are locals, and subside on Michelmas cakes, curried Meejab, and Thine nuts.



  • Finnegan Hob
  • Graivania Pavonine is the dragon who killed Princess Boa on her wedding day at the request of either Mater Motley or Carrion himself. They were them slain where they stood by Finnegan Hobb. They have siblings Nemapsychus, Giamantis, and Pijirantia.
  • Nythaganius Pejorius is an earth Ouroboros with a head like a shovel and covered in plants. She is the mother to an egg Hobb crushes, and is killed the Belbelo crew. As a ground dragon, her kind's skin toughens each time they shed, and can live thousands of years, with constitutions stronger than sea dwellers.
  • Numa Child is a Fathathai, a gentle and shy winged being that does not fall in love easily, who fell in love with Elathuria
  • Elathuria is a short-lived plant person who lives in a cycle of death and re-birth, never retaining her memories
  • Keemi, one of the members of the Council of Hours, they are a spiral of warm light, poppy and white gold floating within him, and they are more gentle and understanding to Candy's plight.
  • Deetha Maas, who is the keeper of dragon remains in the Dragon Ossuary. Half man, half dragon, he stands 11-12ft tall while stooped, and uses walking aids. He has a snout and patches of a beard, long dirty white hair, gold-green scales, slited eyes, and is 113 years old.
  • Vigil Snakes, which originated from Scoriae, are red and yellow snakes who sing a single long word their whole lives.
  • Juffet Birds have heads shaped like a dunce hat and are quite loud.
  • Quillimedes, yard lice, and scorpits are noncian bugs.



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