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The Fugit Brothers are two guards of the Twenty-Fifth Hour, presumably employeed by Abraham Hollow. Their names are Tempus and Julius. They are menacing in look and personality both.


Klepp's Almenak notes that of the people that sail into the island, those who come out are happily crazy. This is suggested to be caused by the monstrous appearance of the Fugit Brothers. They have pale white skin akin to clowns. Each of their facial features, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and hair, are seperate from their heads. They have small spidery legs and crawl all around their heads. 

In Abarat

.When Candy gets pulled into the Twenty-Fifth Hour, she speaks to the Fantomaya for a few moments before being found by Abraham Hollow, the Keeper of the Island. He summons the Fugit Brothers to kill her. The brothers chase after her through a strange darkness and decide whether or not to tear out her heart or make her crazy, and then do it. They chatter darkly with each other as Candy runs into the darkness. Candy figures out how to escape by diving into the air and ends up on the shore of the isle. She reunites with Malingo, but her triumph is short-lived. One of the Fugit Brothers' eyes burrows out of the rocks with its spidery legs. Candy and Malingo desperately try to escape as the form of Julius Fugit burrows out of the ground, and Tempus a few minutes after him. Julius manages to grab ahold of Candy's leg while their glyph is lifting away. She kicks him in the face, but the glyphy crashes and breaks. Candy and Malingo are seemingly trapped on the shore, but just then a red boat floats out of nowhere. They get in the boat and Candy sees the form of Diamanda in the air, though she is not visible to Malingo. Diamanda uses her magic to summon a fast wind to carry the boat away, leaving the Fugit Brothers wading in the water, frustrated by their escape.

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