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The Sea of Izabella, sometimes called Mother Izabella or Mama Izabella, is the sea that surrounds the Islands of the Abarat. It is a deep, mystical ocean filled with all manner of life, docile and dark. It is home to Sea-Skippers, a type of humanoid fish that can walk on top of water. It is also home to various predators like the Great Green Mantizacs, Worms, and the Requiax, an ancient evil described by the Fantomaya as the "Enemies of Love." In the Abarat, boats are colored red on the bottom because the color wards away most large predators.

In The Books[]


While in an empty field in Minnesota, Candy Quackenbush summons the Sea of Izabella by way of an old lighthouse. At the top of the lighthouse sit an inverted trilateral pyramid decorated with hieroglyphics and a small  bowl sitting on top of the pyramid's base. After some searching through the rotted floorboards, Candy finds a small turqouise and silver ball with designs of waves on its metal surface. Just before Mendelson Shape can enter the room, Candy throws the ball into the cup. The pyramid begins to spin on its point and emanate light. Off in the distance Candy sees a great golden stormcloud moving across the sky quickly, and soon in the distant prairie comes in rolling, glittering sea. After escaping from Shape, Candy walks onto a jetty near the lighthouse. She convinces John Mischief and his brothers to take her with them to the Abarat. They jump into the Sea of Izabella and let it carry them away.