Orlando's Cap is one of the Islands of Abarat, and lies at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

In the books

Role in Abarat: Days of Magic: Nights of War

In chapter 2, Candy and Malingo visit the Asylum and are warned by a blind man that Candy should not have come back, before being chased on by Houlihan.

Role in Abarat: Absolute Midnight

One of the 11 members of the Council of Hours who passes judgment over Candy being in the Abarat is a representative of Orlando's Cap


It is a small island which is most known for the insane asylum founded by Izzard Coyne which exists there. Coyne thought that Two in the Afternoon had a balmy, healing effect on the Soul. The cap like shape of the island denotes why it is named Orlando's Cap yet know one knows who Orlando really is. The patients in the asylum are known for creating fantastic works of art which are amazing in conception and design.


The now-vacant asylum on this island is found at it's highest point, and filled with the scrawlings of it's previous residents.




The member of the Council of Hours from Orlando's Cap is agitated, and has scarlet and turquoise feathers



Chapter 20

Excerpts from Klepp’s Almenak

Abarat: Days of Magic: Nights of War

Chapter 2

Chapter 23

Chapter 57

Abarat: Absolute Midnight

Chapter 2

Chapter 36

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