Odom's Spire

The 25th Hour (also known as Odom's Spire, Whence & Lud and The House of the Fantomaya) is one of the Islands of Abarat, and is located outside of regular time at the 25th hour.

In the books

Role in the Abarat

The island out of time. 25th hour 




This island is the most mystical, magical island in the entire archipelago. The Past, Future and Present are accurately judged by the Three Sisters of the Fantomaya who watch over the island amongst others. Righteous Bandy, a Abaratian poet said of this place " Every mystery of the Abarat,' he said 'has its solution here; every enchantment its source, every prayer its destination.'. 


  • Diamanda
  • Joephi
  • Mespa
  • Abraham Hollow
  • Tempus Fugit
  • Julius Fugit
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