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Malingo is a main character and a geshrat in the Abarat Quintet.

Appearance and Character[]

Malingo is a member of a species called Geshrats, and as such is looked down upon or underestimated by many inhabitants of the Abarat. He has mottled orange skin, four horns, and large fanned fins on his head. He is very adept at climbing. Malingo is a very kind character who lacks confidence, but is very loyal. Malingo is surprisingly good at magic.

In Abarat[]

Malingo was the slave of Kaspar Wolfswinkel when Candy Quackenbush showed up at his doorstep. After a few hours, Candy is able to enstil confidence in Malingo enough to have him rebel against his own. Candy and Malingo escape the house together and meet Jimothi Tarrie. To escape the island, Malingo starts to summon forth a glyph, much to the surprise of Jimothi. When Kaspar was passed out on rum Malingo would read his books of magic and try his hand at small conjurations. With Candy's help, Malingo is able to successfully summon a glyph and escape Ninnyhammer. Once they're flying away from the island, the Twenty-Fifth Hour pulls them closer and breaks their glyph. Malingo is left on the shores while Candy is inside speaking to the Fantomaya and being chased by the Fugit Brothers. A ship appears on the shore before the Brothers can reach them and together they float away.

In Abarat: Day of Magic, Nights of War[]

In Abarat: Absolute Midnight[]


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