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Painting of John Mischief by author Clive Barker

John Mischief is a master thief, and the first Abaratian character Candy Quackenbush meets. Of note are his seven brothers who are small heads that live on his antlers. Their names, from left to right, are John Fillet, John Sallow, John Moot, John Drowze, John Pluckitt, John Serpent, and John Slop. As of now, his species is unknown, but other than his antlers and brothers, he appears to be mostly humanoid.

Appearance and Character[]

John Mischief is described as having a round left eye and a narrow right eye. He has a black mustache and beard, and large downy ears. On his head are two antlers like those of a stag, but growing from each are seven heads; his brothers. 

When introduced, John Mischief is shown to be polite and courteous, bowing to Candy upon their first introduction. Being the "head brother," he seems to be the voice of reason when his brothers get into arguments. John is very swift, being able to dart around Mendelson Shape's attacks and strike him in the thigh with a knife. All eight brothers give a "Warriors' Yell" that is described as discordant and bestial. Mischeif takes a small pride in being a master thief, notably stealing a large-three panelled painting called The Beautiful Moment, from an obese King Claus. 


Not much is known about John Mischief and his brothers' species or background at this time.

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