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Abarat, Days of Magic, Nights of War

Jimothi Tarrie is a cat-like humanoid who lives on the island of Ninnyhammer at 10 o'clock at night. He is the leader of the tarrie-cats who live on the island as prison wardens for an evil man named Kaspar Wolfswinkel.

Appearance and Character

Jimothi is a humanoid but has very feline features, such as reddish-brown fur covering his face, glowing cat's eyes that can see invisibility, pointed teeth, and long whiskers. Jimothi is a polite being that serves as a prison warden for Kaspar Wolfswinkel. He has a balanced view of the Abarat's usually separated islands of Day and Night, saying each side does have their rightful part to play. His real concern is Rojo Pixler taking magic away. Interestingly, he hates to swim like most cats but also owns a boat.

In Abarat

When Candy and Malingo escape from Kaspar Wolfswinkel's house, a group of tarrie-cats surround them and Candy realizes their eyes can see the invisible man. Jimothi makes his first appearance, and is shown to have some decent authority over Wolfswinkel, silencing him just by saying so. He introduces himself to Candy and Malingo, and begins to tell her about how the word of her presence in the Abarat is causing a great stir in the gossip and rumors of the islands. When he hears Candy say that Otto Houlihan is coming after her, he advises her to leave quickly. As Candy and Malingo conjure a Glyph, Jimothi sees Houlihan land nearby. He calls forth many of his tarrie-cats to fight the Stitchlings that Houlihan has brought with him, but many are killed instantly. When the Glyph is finished magically assembling Candy has Jimothi call away the fighting cats. Jimothi buries his losses, totaling five, and laughs when he knows Candy has made it away safe.

In Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War

In Abarat: Absolute Midnight


Darkness has always had its part to play. Without it, how would we know when we walked in the light?

     -Jimothi Tarrie to Candy Quackenbush

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