The Isle of Hobarookus is one of the Islands of Abarat, and lies at one o'clock in the afternoon.

In the books


It is largely inhabited by sea bandits, pirates and buccaneers despite it's small, swampy and rocky geography.


The cuisine of Hobarookus is said to be the best in the Abarat since One O'Clock is viewed as a lunching hour in the Abarat. In a particularily swampy area of the island known as the Sinks, the Kalukwa birds hatch downy human babies every ninth year. These children are saved from being killed by the other birds and are brought up by the pirates of the island.

The High Court of Hours sent the Ninth Hobarookian Calvary to guard Kaspar Wolfswinkle from Mater Motley's attacks, implying Hobarookus falls under the Abaratian Government.



Hobarookian scorpions likely have their origins on this island, and were speculated by Vol to be one of the horrid residents within the Pyramids of Xuxux



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Excerpts from Klepp’s Almenak

Abarat: Absolute Midnight

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