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Fortress of Inquisit

The Island of Gorgossium (also known as the Midnight Island) is one of the Islands of Abarat, and lies at the hour of midnight.

In the books[]

Role in the Abarat[]

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The Island is cloaked with thick red mists and is perpetually covered by darkness. At the top of the island is the 13-tower Fortress of Inquisit where the Carrion family makes its home. Other places on the island include the Forest of Gallows, the Todo mines where mud used to make stitchlings is collected along with giant insects.


  • Fortress of Inquisit


The island is the home of the Carrion clan which has ruled the island for eons.



  • Otto Houlihan
  • Admiral Bloat
  • Nuth
  • Nizz Shape
  • Naw
  • Naught Shape
  • Miasma Shape
  • Lazaru
  • Knotchek
  • Chilek
  • Wendigo
  • Baby Pink-Eye