The author's painting of Malingo, the series' only known Geshrat

Geshrats are a species that live in the Abarat. So far, the only one to make an appearance is Malingo , a former slave and now loyal friend to Candy Quackenbush


The information about Geshrats come from one character, Malingo , so it may not apply to every member of the species. Geshrats are a humanoid species with rubbery, orange skin. They have four horns and fanned wings on their heards. Malingo was a very adept climber in Kaspar Wolfswinkel 's house, but this could also just be a learned behavior.

Social Standing

From Malingo's first introduction to the end of the the third book, there are instances of many other Abaratian inhabitants speaking negatively about Geshrats. Kaspar Wolfswinkel used it as an insult to break Malingo's confidence and self-worth. Jimothi Tarrie , though not a human either, is very surprised when Malingo is able to use magic. There are various other references to Geshrats being a lower species in the Abaratian social standing. 

Known Geshrats


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