Finnegan Hobb is a character in Abarat, known for being the fiance of Princess Boa before she was slain by a dragon. 

Appearance and Character

Finnegan is a very handsome man with dark skin, luminous green eyes, and bright red dreadlocks. His father is Maffick Hobb, a Prince of Day, and his mother is Mariah Capella, a sorcerous from the island of Speckle Frew at Five o'clock in the morning, thus making him a hybrid of Night and Day. Finnegan is known as a gentle, compassionate, and charismatic man. He was able to quell King Claus' doubts about his relationship with his daughter Princess Boa just by meeting him.

In Abarat

When John Mischief meets the crew of the Belbelo they tell him their intentions of finding the missing Finnegan Hobb. The story of his ill-fated romance is revealed. Finnegan was engaged to Boa, but on their wedding day a dragon's tongue took Boa from the Palace of Bowers. Immediately Finnegan ran outside and killed the dragon, Gravainia Pavonine, but Boa had already died. For years after that Finnegan hunted down the Pavonine family, sure that it was no accident that Boa had been killed. The Pavonines still live on the Scaly Throne, but Finnegan continues his quest against dragons and hasn't been seen in six years. The crew of the Belbelo have a psychic girl named Tria with them who senses that Finnegan is buried somewhere. After a devastating attack by a sea dragon, the crew make their way towards the Nonce, which stands at three o'clock in the afternoon, where Tria can sense Finnegan is.

In Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War

In Abarat: Absolute Midnight

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