The Abarat Wiki

The Isles of the Abarat has an immense body of literature which has been created by its inhabitants. So far in the series, mostly books about the application of magic have been discussed yet as the series continues more forms of literature will undoubtedly be discovered. Some books include:

  • The Essential Conjurations for Hand to Hand Combat
  • Lumeric's Six
  • The Book of Fiafeego
  • Saturanasky's Grimoire
  • The Book of Beginnings
  • The Testaments of Pottishak (a book about the end of the world)
  • Memories of the World's End
  • The Book of the Damned
  • The Division of the Hours
  • The Sinners Emporium
  • The Testaments of the 9th Palamudian
  • Klepp's Almenak
  • The Strata Pilot's Guide
  • The Wiles of Gawk
  • Chicanery of Wising
  • Willsberger's Flora & Fauna of the Islands
  • Pincoffin's Rhymes and Nonsenses
  • The Abarataraba