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Abarat Absolute Midnight Book Trailer
Trailer released shortly before the release of Absolute Midnight Abarat Absolute Midnight Book Trailer

Abarat: Absolute Midnight is the third book in the Abarat Quintet by Clive Barker. It was published by HarperCollins in 2011. Absolute Midnight is the sequel to Abarat (2002) and Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War (2004).

Synopsis (from U.K Edition)

"I know that many of you here have waited years for this Hour," Mater Motley said, using that voice that, though it was barely conversational in volume, was somehow heard everywhere. "The waiting is over. Tomorrow there will be no dawn. Only midnight, absolute and eternal."

And so begins a new chapter in the epic story of sixteen-year-old Candy Quackenbush and her journeys through the world of the Abarat, where every hour is an island in one eternal day, and nothing is as it seems.

Candy travels through the Abarat from island to island and across the sea with an unlikely band of friends: the escaped prisoner Malingo the Geshrat, the quarrelsome John Brothers, who all share the same body but never the same opinion, and the many other colorful characters they meet along the way.

The problem is that trouble finds Candy wherever she goes. And soon she discovers a secret plot, masterminded by the diabolical Mater Motley, who is obsessed with becoming Empress of the Islands. Her method is simple. She will darken the skies, putting out the suns, moons, and stars. She will bring absolute midnight.

Plot Summary

Abarat Absolute Midnight Official Trailer
A trailer made depicting the events from chapter 23, title Cold Life. Abarat Absolute Midnight Official Trailer


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